A regular dental check is seriously advisable to optimize your dental health and allows for relatively minor procedures to be effected long before more demanding, expensive procedures are necessary for good dental health. An annual check is usually all that’s needed which will take as little as 15 minutes…a very good investment of your time.

And remember, there’s plenty of research which indicates that good dental health has a significant positive impact on your general health.



When a filling is needed we firstly take into account the dental priorities, but we’re also aware patients like to have their teeth looking as natural as possible after every procedure. To that end, we provide white fillings where requested or where the filling will be on show. Existing metal, amalgam, fillings can easily be replaced to enhance your confidence to smile.


Tooth decay or leaky fillings are often the cause of root canal problems. Usually the problems are where bacteria enter the root canal and creates infections on the tooth nerves which creates pain and further damages the roots of teeth. The treatment involves cleaning the infection and sealing the tooth to prevent future issues.


A tooth extraction is always a last resort. Doing everything to extend the lifespan of a tooth is preferable, but occasionally this isn’t always possible – lack of space for a wisdom tooth, overcrowding, infection or very severe decay are the most common reasons for extracting a tooth. How to then treat the ensuing situation is then subject to a conversation to provide our patients with the best solution for them.


Fear of dental procedures can prevent people from accessing necessary dental care, which is a great shame if someone is suffering from infections, pain or a cosmetic issue.

Dr Kevin Kennefick is an experienced expert in providing sedation in a safe environment. His qualifications will provide the most concerned individual with the reassurance necessary to overcome the fear of visiting a dentist.

Dr Kevin Kenefick, whilst highly qualified, also brings many years’ experience to the sedation procedure. An intrinsic part of the procedure is an assessment to ensure each patient is suitable before the procedure begins. During the procedure your safety is paramount – you’ll be continuously monitored – pulse and blood oxygen concentration.

For full details, please contact us. We’ll be delighted to explain the procedure in detail and answer any question that you may have.


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