Whether it’s a single tooth or the whole mouth, Dental Implants can be the ideal way to restore your complete control over what you eat and how you look. In simple terms, implants are small titanium screws which replace the root of a tooth.

Their key advantage is that they look like completely natural teeth visually and functionally, they perform just like your own teeth.

It’s a customised procedure with key advantages

– Very high success rate
– A natural look
– No decay
– Chewing and biting function restored

As this is a very specialised procedure, it is our policy to refer our patients to a highly specialised practice.


Seeing the effects of Teeth Whitening can provide a patient with not just a beautiful smile, but with a greater sense of confidence. It’s a simple procedure, using only a small amount of bleach, in custom made trays which fit tightly to the individual’s teeth. The effects will be noticeable within a few days and improve further over the following few weeks. The effect can last for many years, but how each individual treats their teeth has an impact on the length of time they stay white.


Bridges and Crowns are terrific ways of filling in spaces in your row of teeth or restoring a tooth to its former glory. Manufactured in a laboratory, they are bespokely made to fit your needs and restore your ability to eat and chew in a completely natural way. So, whether it’s to structurally repair cracks, fill in spaces or replace a worn down section of a tooth, a bridge or a crown may be the ideal solution for you.


Discoloured teeth, malformed teeth, heavily restored teeth or poorly positioned teeth are all conditions where Veneers can be an excellent solution. Veneers – very thin layers of porcelain – are cemented onto the existing, natural tooth and provide a highly aesthetic solution to dental issues. Porcelain will strengthen teeth and never lose its lustre and shine, so veneers can last for many years, providing the perfect smile.


Denture options have evolved considerably and what is ideal for each individual can be discussed during a consultation. Providing a denture solution that works is dependent on initial clinical treatment, measurement and laboratory manufacturing – all of which is provided by experienced, knowledgeable and understanding personnel, to provide a treatment process which ultimately provides natural looking and functional dentures.


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